CEVA CL Graduate Program

21 lipca 2020

The recruitment process to CL Graduate Program has just started!
The program aims to attract talented young individuals, discover their potential and develop them into the next generation of professionals and leaders. We are looking for potential, innovative and pro-active graduates.
The up to 14-month intensive and comprehensive CL Graduate Program will provide trainees an opportunity to develop the skills and professional expertise, which are indispensable to become a logistics professional and achieve sparking results throughout their career.
During the up to 14-months program, a person will be exposed to a variety of assignments and challenges. The rotation in the business and alternating tasks within different working streams will provide one with an exceptional insight in our company and dynamic business environment – a person will rapidly build a wide and strong network within the company. Our objective is to prepare a trainee for a successful and challenging career.
Upon the successful completion of the program, those with outstanding performances and capabilities will be placed to designated streams or projects in the company with the development opportunities for further advancement towards specialists or managerial positions.

Apply today – work with us tomorrow!
Find out more details at: https://praca.cevalogistics.com.pl/praca/?category[]=1