CEVA culture

Unity, Development and Excellence define the identity of CEVA and stimulate us to reach for our goals and ambitions.


We are an organization exploiting rich diversity, but at the same time we operate flawlessly in unity. We share a common passion to provide our clients with world-class solutions. We have the best professionals in the supply chain industry and develop this talent in an inspiring work environment.


We develop faster than the market in each of the sectors or countries we are operating in. We use our scale and global presence to improve efficiency and ensure the comprehensiveness of our services. Business is easy with us. Our customer orientation and LEAN organizational structure give us speed and flexibility.


We strive to be better every day. We measure our progress consistently. We are implementing best practice on a global scale and our LEAN culture is the basis to pursue excellence.


We share nine core values that are at the heart of everything we do and guide us to be the most valued company in the industry.


1. We are passionate about our customer service

Satisfaction of our customers is at the heart of everything we do.

2. We are energetic and full of enthusiasm

We are open to new ideas and we have a positive attitude towards innovation.

3. We are results-oriented

We asses our and others’ performance based on results and ways of achieving them.

4. We're successful

We live up to our promises and celebrate our successes. We believe that “nothing is impossible”.

5. We are fast and flexible

We appreciate speed and flexibility. We minimize reporting and bureaucracy to allow fast and effective communication.

6. We promote and value diversity

We are proud to be a company representing a rich diversity of cultures and origins, which is a stimulating factor for the wide range of our ideas and actions.

7. We value people

Everyone at CEVA has the opportunity to have a real impact on the functioning of our organization by exploiting their creative potential.

8. We are the masters of the supply chain

We cultivate and value excellence of service and continue to improve the leading processes in industry.

9. Honesty and respect is our style

Our code of conduct defines how we operate and care for the environment.


In the 10 years of CEVA's existence, as I was moving from warehouse to accounting, I realised that new challenges are a daily reality at both professional and personal level.

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