10th anniversary of CEVA

13 October 2017


In August and September, CEVA celebrates the 10th anniversary in individual locations in Poland (and not only), gathering together for employee events, smaller meetings after work or during working hours. Let each event of this kind be a moment of reflection on what we have already achieved and that the best is still ahead of us!

A few words about our history:

In 1946, the TNT Company was established in Australia. By 1996 TNT had been acquired by the Dutch postal and telecommunications company KPN. In 1998 it was split into three divisions – Logistics, Express and Post. TNT NV was established based on three branches: TNT Logistics, TNT Express and TNT Post. In 2006, TNT Logistics was sold to affiliates in Apollo Management LP. In December 2006 they renamed the company CEVA Logistics. In April 2017 the name of the company was changed in Poland as well. In August 2007, EGL (Eagle Global Logistics) and CEVA Logistics merged.

Author Ceva Logistics PR Department