Holidays with languages for children from neighbourhood 2018 – Łazarski University picnic.

31 August 2018

On 12th July 2018, we had a chance to participate in a picnic organized by the Łazarski University in Warsaw for children of age 5-12 at the end of their summer language course. „Holidays with Languages”. It is an unpaid project implemented by the University Department for children from Warsaw.

This year, CEVA has committed to support the project by organizing, during the picnic, a competition „Big Forklift Truck Race” for the children. The competition was the highlight of the picnic and proved to be a great success, many kids wanted to take part in it. It was attended by a total of 50 children. The winners received remote control forklifts and other children who took part in the competition received sweets, diplomas and small gifts. A total of about 300 people took part in this picnic. CEVA was one of the three major sponsors of the event.

We were very pleased to be part of the picnic. Also to have the possibility to get involved and to support the organisation of the event and, above all, we were glad that our action has contributed to make children smile and provided them with an unforgettable experience.

Author Ceva Logistics PR Department