„Young CEVA” Benelux in Bielsko-Biała

12 December 2018

In the Benelux countries, young employees starting a career in CEVA with the support of those who manage the region, formed an internal group called „Young CEVA”. This initiative organizes networking events, business workshops combined with a tour of interesting places in different countries,popular cities and nearby CEVA magazines.

Last year, they were in Barcelona with a group of 25 people. This year they wanted to make a trip to Eastern and Central Europe, where there is a professional organization CEVA. They chose our country because they perceive Poland as attractive to visit.

A group of 34 people came to Bielsko-Biała on Friday, October 19, 2018. The guests spent weekend in Krakow. The group was composed of people who held positions like a: Project Engineer, Business Controller, LEAN Agent, Contract Supervisor, Transport Engineer, OperationsManager, Trainee, Corporate Recruiter, Global HRIS projects Trainee. They are employed in: GHO, Den Haag,Grobbendonk, Maarssen, Roosendaal, Eindhoven, Venray, Wijchen Control Tower, Culemborg, Aalsmeer, Den Haag.

During the visit they became acquainted with the CEVA structure in Poland and in the E&CE cluster. They visited the regional parts distribution centre FCA (Fiat Chryslerautomobiles) located in Bielsko-Biała in the region of southern Poland-that is the first warehouse of spare parts, from which our company began operations in Poland in 1996. At this location SCA is implemented at the showcase level.

The guests were impressed by the organization of work, system and quality solutions applied. The atmosphere of the meeting was very friendly. Young people were not afraid to ask questions to which they received comprehensive answers. They left us in cheerful moods, which can be seen in a commemorative common picture.

Author Ceva Logistics PR Department