CEVA Logistics to launch a general cargo road line between China and Poland

28 October 2019

In August 2019, CEVA Logistics successfully completed another test delivery of general cargo by truck from the east coast of China – from Xiamen to Poland. The first such transport was carried out by CEVA in the autumn of 2018. Thus, the operator opened a new possibility of general cargo delivery on the New Silk Road between China and Europe. A truck tractor with a semi-trailer with a load capacity of 24 tons covered a distance of about 8,500 km on its way through China, Kazakhstan, Russia, and Belarus.

The truck that transported goods for customers from all over Europe traveled from Xiamen to the capital of Poland for 12 days. It was 50% cheaper than air transport and twice as fast as sea transport. Considering this transport as a door-to-door delivery, this transport can be faster than the railway by as much as 30 to 50 percent. The cargo was delivered to CEVA Logistics Distribution Center in Warsaw, where it was customs cleared and further distributed to end customers in Europe.

After two successful test runs, CEVA Logistics is planning to launch, as soon as possible, a regular general cargo transport line between Poland and China, especially dedicated to automotive, industrial, and technology customers.

Author Ceva Logistics PR Department