Opening of CEVA Logistics office in Moscow

28 October 2020

We are most proud to announce that on 10th of July a new CEVA LOGISTICS RUSSIA head office opening ceremony took place in Moscow. CEVA group members, partners and customers attended a great celebration. Executives of De Cecco (extra-M) PepsiCo, Euralis, Sportmaster, OBI, LOGOPER and of course CMACGM were present during this event.

The President of French/Russian Chamber of Commerce (CCIFR) Emmanuel Quidet made the honor and symbolically cut a red-ribbon together with Guillaume Sauzedde Head of Central & Eastern Europe and Cyril PACARY, Managing Director of CEVA Logistics Russia.

Brand new, comfortable office ensures customer satisfaction and increases the efficiency. Twenty employees working in four offices in Russia provide end-to-end logistics solutions, services, freight management and distribution.