Two football pitches full of electronics – CEVA Logistics warehouse in Ołtarzew

28 October 2020

Imagine the area of two football pitches full of state of the art electronics! Smartphones, tablets, routers! This kind of view enjoy us since 2008.

Exactly since that time, we run warehouse for our client, one of the biggest mobile network operator in Poland.

Our logistics center with an area of 17 000 square meters manages 7000 SKUs and is located less than 30 kilometers from capital of Poland – Warsaw, in Ołtarzew.

Here, modern technology is not only the products that we store on shelves, but also a work tool of more than 200 employees. Thanks to the implemented state of the art solutions, we are leaving the field of play not only without shortness of breath but without injuries too. In Ołtarzew, there was no accident for more than 950 days. That is impressive result.

Thanks to modern wrist scanners, picking is comfortable, movements are not restricted, and we can focus on products, which are part of the order.

As every team (not only football team), we also desire to improve our efficiency, effectiveness and safety. We are reaching all these goals thanks to automatic conveyor belt that transports containers to the picking zones. Thanks to this solution our efficiency doubled and picking area decreased by more than 2000 square meters. This zone is also forklift free what significantly improves the safety level.

Since in Ołtarzew we realize many processes such as picking, quality control or refurbishment we create huge opportunities for people who want to get to know the contract logistics inside out.

Running our warehouse, we care not only about client’s satisfaction but also about environment.

We have installed water treatment filters that allow us to get rid of plastic cups and bottles and package fillers are produced from distribution cartons. Our ecological activities are „guided by” LED lamps with motion sensors, also concepts such as recycling and waste management are familiar to us.

To sum up, logistic center in Ołtarzew is a place that prove that good team combined with state of the art technology and responsibility results in success.


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