We are CEVA! Meet our Employees

28 October 2020

Employees are the driving force behind every company. They are especially important in logistics! It is the warehouse employees that are the core of our company and represent 80% of all employees. Today we will introduce you our colleagues from CEVA in Ołtarzew.


Aneta – Team Leader

I have been working at CEVA for eight years in the B2B department. This is the department where we ship the phones and the sim cards to business clients. A friend recommended me to work at CEVA. I was a bit scared because my computer skills were at a zero level, and the computer in this company is the basis – but my fears turned out to be unjustified.

I found wonderful people in the department who taught me everything from the beginning. A nice atmosphere, a sense of belonging, a professional approach to training, kindness and willingness to help made me stay until today. I am very grateful to them for that.

Today I am a Team Leader, I have been holding this position for three years but still there are new things to learn, because work in our department is not schematic. We are constantly acquiring new skills, adapting them to the systems we work on and our client’s requirements.

CEVA gives me a sense of security, cares for my family – by providing medical care, a Multi Sport card, insurance and various benefits, e.g. reimbursement of the child’s holiday costs at summer camps or so called “green school”.


Małgorzata – Team Leader

I would recommend working at CEVA to anyone who appreciates a good atmosphere. To those who like working in a group and performs their duties diligently. And those who are honest, available and communicative.

I have been working at CEVA for 6.5 years, currently as Team Leader of the Outbound Department.

This department is responsible for shipping the assortment to our client’s stores. My job is to manage the team and coordinate its activities so that the transport always arrives on time. My basic work tool is a computer and all devices connected to it: telephone, barcode scanner, automatic line.

Working at CEVA has taught me to make difficult and bold decisions, even in crisis moments. Thanks to this, I can cope with even the most stressful and demanding situation. I appreciate working here for the opportunity to be promoted, demonstrate my predispositions and the fact that employees at CEVA are appreciated.

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