Due to the change of the traditional supply chain and the suspension of passenger air traffic, we decided to use cargo air solutions!

05 November 2020

We have chartered 86 cargo planes to secure the continuity of our customers global supply chains and production lines, enabling us to deliver shipments between customers sites in the automotive, aerospace, and computer industries. We have already delivered 4.7 thousand tons of cargo by air organizing 58 flights, but we will not stop there! We have already planned to launch another 28 flights in the coming weeks.

We operate the vast majority of flights from Shanghai or Hong Kong to Chicago in the USA. There are slightly fewer flights to Amsterdam, Bangkok, Brussels, Chennai, Dallas, Rickenbacker, Rockford, Sao Paulo, Singapore and Tokyo.

Thanks to our employees, teamwork and extremely close cooperation with customers, we were able to design a solid charter flight schedule that allowed us to adapt to the current difficult conditions.