Sky is the limit! Onboarding in the clouds.

05 November 2020

Anyone who has seen this hashtag at least once -> #JoinTheChain knows that we take seriously not only the continuity of the supply chain, but also interpersonal relationships.

There is nothing extraordinary in the fact that people who drink morning coffee together, laugh at lunch or „close” the office on a daily basis create a harmonious, even cohesive team! Even the situation that has been with us since mid-March is not able to affect the spirit of such a team!

But what if we want to add more links to our chain? Remote work organization does not facilitate the adaptation of new employees, and we know that the first days are always demanding. The mass of new information, faces that do not want to be associated with names, and finally the first logins to new systems. There is no need to list anymore! Each of us has experienced such a first day at least once. At the other end, there is a complete lack of adaptation, which could well be explained by the present situation! But we know how it ends… frustration, unnecessary nerves, hundreds of additional e-mails.

We have also faced the challenge of adapting 34 new employees from 7 European countries! The glove thrown by COVID-19 did not lie on the ground for a long time, we picked it up immediately and this is how Quarterly Induction Day (QID) was born online!

As we all know sky is the limit! That is why our two-day meeting was held in the clouds, or rather in the cloud! The IT department may be rebuking me for confusing the terms, but admit it sounds good! And it doesn’t just sound like that! Our online onboarding just did it! And now the recipe for success!

According to our new colleagues, it was the attractive Internet form with all its amenities that made the program successful! The key word here is gamification! In this regard, the world of computers is truly second to none! Team work and the usefulness of the provided information also dominated the survey results as particularly attractive aspects.

Despite the fact that we tried to condense the transferred knowledge as much as possible, the participants found that we can do more, and actually faster … Well to say, we at CEVA just like to talk! But we take it to the heart and in the next edition of the program … we will just skip the breaks … Of course, it’s just a joke ;). In the future, we will make sure that the transferred knowledge is equally detailed and even more concise. Would you like to soar to the skies with us?