Warehouse park in Piła in the spotlight!

05 November 2020

Piła is the city that in CEVA is associated with lighting industry. Exactly here we run Warehouse Park with an area of almost 60 000 square meters for leading manufacturer in lighting industry. Whole complex consists of two separate organizational units. Their daily duties are different, but goal remains the same – satisfaction of our client.

Obligated by the business profile, in Piła we try to be always in the spotlight, of course through our outstanding results.


In Piła, like in all our warehouses we focus on modern technologies supporting constant increase of our effectiveness and safety level.

Distribution Center (DC) unit has at its disposal Packsize® brand device that allows for creation of packages that ideally fit ordered products.  Thanks to this solution, we are environment friendly. However, it is only the beginning; the list of implemented innovations is much longer!  Factory Distribution (FD) unit, which is responsible for distribution of semi-finished products and parts to our client’s factories can be proud of autonomic forklifts and system that coordinates their work. Today it is hard to imagine modern warehouse without systems such SAP, FAST or DNS that for example allow to monitor trucks or pallets flow.  We can say, that thanks to these solutions today we are creating warehouse of the future!

However, we should remember about the most important factor of our success – people and gigajoules of energy they put in their work every day.  Our good team consists of almost 400 employees. Without them running warehouse would be impossible. Thanks to variety of logistics processes that are part of our daily work almost everyone can find its place among us. In our team, you can find planning specialists, forklift drivers, order pickers, lean management specialists, supply coordinators. Everyone with its unique skills is contributing to success that we are achieving. Honestly speaking thanks to our performance, we really are in the spotlight! We measure our success not only by high level of contract KPIs. During last 10 years, our client decided to entrust us additional areas of its business activity. We think that it is the best measure of our outstanding performance.

Our logistic center is responsible for shipping not only to Poland, but also to Germany, Netherlands and Balkan countries. It is huge recognition for us!

If like us you want to be in the spotlight, join our team!