We love this game! Our employees about working in CEVA.

05 November 2020

We live in XXI century. Computer games that practically are not different from reality probably do not make impression anymore. Every detail is mapped so realistically, that we can even think that we are starring in a film. For sure, VR technology will blur even these boundaries soon or at least will be really close to it.

But have you ever been thinking how would it be in the opposite situation? If we could implement all the best ideas from games in some aspects of real life. Gaining experience and distinctions, developing your character, accomplishing missions, skill trees, managing your equipment, multiplayer mode, fans of computer games for sure know what I am talking about.

It turns out that this is possible. It is not only our opinion but also opinion of our employees from warehouse in Piła. Now, for a couple of minutes imagine that you are professional gamer sitting in comfortable, gaming chair and listen to reviews, which we have received, form our experienced colleagues.